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Siem Reap Map

Sometimes you won’t be able to access Google Maps or a physical map of your location when traveling through the Kingdom of Wonder.

That’s why we have made this hi-res map of Siem Reap available for you to download for free. We hope this will come in handy for planning your trip to Cambodia and navigating through the touristic city of temples.

This map is available for you to download for free. Use it for any purpose: Cambodia travel and planning, blog posts, and websites.

Use the download button to get the highest resolution map!


SiemReap-Map - Courtesy of Tourism of Cambodia


Our lovely town of Siem Reap is located in northwestern Cambodia. It’s a popular resort town and is known as the gateway to Angkor.

Follow our Siem Reap map to find French colonial architecture in the Old French Quarter and around the Old Market. In Siem Reap city you’ll find plenty of museums, traditional Apsara dance performances, traditional cultural villages, souvenir and craft shops, silk farms, rice paddies, fishing villages, wildlife sanctuaries, and much much more.

Siem Reap is a popular tourist destination with many hotels, resorts, and restaurants. During your trip, you’ll certainly enjoy the vibrant, cosmopolitan drinking and dining scene.

Siem Reap is 7 km from Angkor International Airport.
Angkor Wat is directly north of the city center.
Phnom Penh is about 6 hours away from Siem Reap by bus, minvan, or private car.

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