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Our tour guides are fully trained and highly knowledgeable on all of our tour stops, and they can also serve as a great GPS!

Important Tour Information – Shared Tours

We want all of you to have an amazing time discovering Siem Reap so we decided to answer the most common questions we receive about our tours.

In-Depth Tour Information

Below you’ll find a quick 5 minute read detailing all the information that you need to know about our Temple tours, Kulen Mountain tours, and Kompong Phluk tours.
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Important Information

General Tips

It’s a good idea to bring extra cash with you on our tours in case you would like to purchase something during your journey! Also, food and drinks are not included in our tours, unless stated otherwise, so that cash will come in handy!

However, we don’t recommend bringing large bills like a $50 or $100. Try to keep your bills at $20 or below as some places will be unable to give you back change.

Most places do not accept debit or credit cards!

Quick Pickup Info:

➤ Confirm pick-up point the day before the tour
➤ Let your hotel staff know when you have the tour
➤ Be ready 30 minutes before departure time
➤ Hotel lobby is the best place to wait
➤ We can’t wait for you past departure time
➤ Call +855-92 55 55 18 if you missed pick-up time
➤ Take a tuk-tuk to our office if you missed your departure

Follow this link if you need more info about our pickup and dropoff services.

General Tips from Siem Reap Shuttle Tours
Siem Reap Shuttle Best Travel and Tours to Angkor Wat

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Which Tour are you Having?

The following video was made by the Apsara National Authority. They detail what you should not do while visiting temples in Cambodia.

Our temple tours

Dress Code

Angkor Wat is a spectacular temple complex and we need to strive to keep it that way. For this reason, there is a certain dress code that needs to be followed. In order to be allowed entry to the temples.

You must adhere to the dress code:

➤ Clothing needs to cover knees (Preferably wear pants)
➤ Clothing needs to cover shoulders (No scarves or shawls)
➤ Hide cleavage
➤ No revealing clothing (Tank-tops, short skirts/shorts)

These are not our rules but the rules of the Apsara National Authority who control the Angkor Temple Complex.

Remember that Angkor Wat is not merely an attraction but one of the largest religious complexes in the world as well as an active spiritual and pilgrimage site for Buddhists!

Our temple tours

Ticket Booth

In order to access Angkor Wat and surrounding temples, you need to purchase an admission pass. Children under 12 are allowed free entry. Bring your kids passport in case you need to show documentation.

We do not include the Angkor Pass tickets in our tours!

Angkor Pass prices are as follows:
➤ 1 Day Pass = $37 | Valid for the day of purchase
➤ 3 Day Pass = $62 | Valid for 10 days (Visit any 3 days within 10-day limit)
➤ 7 Day Pass = $72 | Valid for 1 month (Visit any 10 days within 1-month limit)

Before starting the tour we will bring you to the ticketing booth. When at the ticketing booth you need to ensure that you have the proper dress code or you may be denied entry.

You can pay either by cash or card. The ticketing booth accepts payments via Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, JCB, Discover and Diners Club cards.

Other destinations

Kulen Mountain

Ready for the trek up Kulen Mountain?!
Make sure to bring your swimming suit if you want to swim under the waterfall!

Quick Reminder:

➤ Shared tours: Entry ticket included
➤Private tours: Entry ticket not included | $20 per ticket (unless already purchased on our website)

Other destinations

Floating Village

During our tours to Kompong Phluk, you will have the option to visit The Flooded Forest.

In order to do so, you’ll need to purchase a separate ticket (during the tour) costing $5. On our tours page, we have this listed as “Small Boat”.

Shared Tours

Our shared tours to Kompong Phluk include the floating village boat ticket within the price. Shared tours do not include the small boat ticket to The Flooded Forest. If you would like to discover The Flooded Forest you’ll need to purchase a separate ticket costing $5 (during the tour).

Private Tours

Our private tours to Kompong Phluk do not include the boat ticket to the floating village (unless already purchased through our website). Private tours do not include the small boat ticket to The Flooded Forest. If you would like to discover The Flooded Forest you’ll need to purchase a separate ticket costing $5 (during the tour).

Quick Reminder:

➤ Shared tour: Includes main boat ticket
➤ Private tour: Does not include main boat ticket | $20 each for the ticket
➤ “Small Boat” to The Flooded Forest is not included | $5 (optional experience)
➤ Make sure to bring your swimming suit if you want to swim and a jumper as it can get cold after the sunset on the lake.