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When is International Women’s Day in Cambodia
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International Women’s Day

When is International Women’s Day in Cambodia?


International Women’s Day events are held in Cambodia and worldwide on March 8 every year! This a great Cambodia holiday to participate in.

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What is International Women’s Day?


International Women’s Day is a day to reflect on the achievements of women all across the world. It’s also a great time to think about the challenges certain groups of women still face and how to overcome them.

During International Women’s Day in Cambodia, various women are invited to speak at events. The general messages at the events focus on themes such as innovation empowering women, women in media, and the importance of female education.

There will generally be a major event hosted in Phnom Penh and several smaller events in other major Cambodian cities.


What happens and what should you do during International Women’s Day in Cambodia?


There are many ways that you can go about celebrating International Women’s Day in Cambodia, but all of them have a similar goal: to raise awareness about the struggles of women and to honor their achievements.

In 2018, organizations in Cambodia hosted a festival in Phnom Penh to raise awareness through arts and creativity under the slogan “Strength of Cambodian Women”.

The performances in the International Women’s Day festival included a contemporary dance performance by the troupe New Cambodian Artists with music from The Messenger Band. The aim of the dance was to reflect on Cambodian women’s strength, courage, and possible solutions to achieve gender equality.

The young artists from the Music Art School performed a “solidarity dance” and there were several “TED Talks” given by emerging young leaders. To top that off, attendees could visit six feminist booths representing the following six topics:

  1. Women at work
  2. Women in the media
  3. Women leading in the community
  4. Women’s Bodies: Freedom from violence and sexual and reproductive health and rights
  5. Men Engaging: Men sharing responsibility
  6. Beyond Binary: LGBT rights and issues

We suggest that you join the Cambodian men and women during the events to learn how they are working together to close the gender gap in the country.

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