International Children’s Day in Cambodia

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International Children’s Day in Cambodia
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International Children’s Day in Cambodia

When is International Children’s Day in Cambodia?


International Children’s Day events are held in Cambodia and worldwide on June 1 every year!

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What is International Children’s Day?


International Children’s Day is a Cambodian holiday to appreciate children and their important role in families and societies across the world. It’s a great time for parents to spend time with their kids and show them how much they are loved.

During International Children’s Day in Cambodia, small events are held to reflect on and discuss the plight of Khmer children. The messages at these events focus on themes such as sex trafficking and child labor which are not uncommon in the country.


What happens and what should you do during International Children’s Day in Cambodia?


There are many ways that you can go about participating International Children’s Day in Cambodia.

Still, all of them have a similar goal in mind: to raise awareness about the struggles of impoverished and abused children.

Most likely, you’ll notice some small events attempting to fundraise and boost awareness of the plight of children.

We suggest that you reflect on the fact that today’s children create and shape tomorrow’s future. Raising children’s right guarantees a strong society.

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