Siem Reap, Cambodia: More Than Just Temples

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Siem Reap Cambodia More Than Just Temples
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Siem Reap, Cambodia: More Than Just Temples

Most Siem Reap travelers’ whole activity itinerary will revolve around exploring the Angkor Wat temple complex. While temple hopping is highly recommended as it’s an amazing experience, in reality, there’s a lot to do in Siem Reap.

Siem Reap, which translates to “the defeat of Siam”, offers myriad experiences and activities guaranteed to keep any traveler in the Kingdom of wonder way past the average traveler’s period of a week – without getting bored.

Here are 5 best activities to do and explore in Siem Reap (other than temples)!


1. Be Entertained


Temples most definitely depict a picture of Cambodian culture. On the opposite side of the spectrum, art galleries and Apsara dance show uniquely add a charming vibe to experiencing the Khmer culture. Movie theaters and malls such as Lucky Mall and Heritage Walk also provide a mixed touch of the country’s culture with a western feel.

As covered in this previous post, Siem Reap offers one of the best nightlife experiences in Asia. For a traveler seeking an ecstatic and fun-filled night Pub street is the place to be!

Regardless of whether you are a backpacker or looking forward to splashing some cash for a luxurious night, Pub street has it all! If you love sports, check the sports bars in Siem reap for international live streaming of sports events and other sports activities, or make your way to the OWE Angkor warriors for live local martial arts entertainment.


2. Travel to Other Nearby Towns


Ever heard of Siem Reap’s floating villages? A boat trip to Kampong Phluk, which lies outside the borders of Siem reap town, is highly recommended. Everything in this laid-back and peaceful village happens in or around the Tonle Sap lake: The residents live, rear animals, cook, swim, bathe and grow up in homes built over water.

Don’t forget to watch the sunset over the Tonle Sap lake. The sun paints the waters of the lake in fiery orange and red in such a spectacular fashion!


3. Take a Trip Back in History


The modern and beautiful Angkor National Museum gracefully takes you back to the ancient days of the Khmer empire. Through thousands of artifacts and sculptures, the museum wonderfully showcases the Khmer culture and history.

For just 12 US dollars (3 US dollars if you want to bring your camera into the museum and another $3 for an educational headset), you get to travel back in history through interactive exhibits, which include the Gallery of 1000 Buddhas, displays, sculptures, and decorations of the great Khmer kings among many more.


4. Enjoy Nature


Translated as the Mountain of the Lychees, Phnom Kulen National Park offers a great picnic spot and gorgeous nature trails filled with lush vegetation in addition to a breathtaking waterfall. The park is considered a sacred site. People seek blessings from the holy water that is said to help couples conceive.

Ask us for advice regarding tour guides and means of transportation. Phnom Kulen National Park is approximately 48km from Siem Reap and can take between  1.5hours to 2 hours to reach by road.

It’s also good to remember that in Cambodian culture, most people dress conservatively, even while swimming. So please respect the culture by dressing appropriately if you take a dip in the waterfall.


5. Satisfy your Taste buds


For any Siem Reap Traveler, exploring Angkor’s night market for the street food should be a MUST; otherwise, you are missing a lot of delicious Cambodian food. The market is huge, with over 200 stalls. It is also roofed, so the rain shouldn’t deter you from your adventure. In the market, you can also explore the massage parlors in addition to buying souvenirs and traditional art to remember your Cambodia Trip.




More than just temples, Siem Reap has a lot to offer. From various entertainment spots to great nature trails and a market that serves tasty Cambodian food, Siem Reap travelers should not shy from exploring and adding various activities into their itineraries.


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