Siem Reap Nightlife: Not All About Pub Street

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Siem Reap Nightlife: Not All About Pub Street
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Siem Reap Nightlife: Not All About Pub Street

Pub Street, a staple in Siem Reap nightlife, is almost as well known as Angkor Wat. The term will inevitably pop up through a simple Google search or when talking with friends.

Located in the heart of Siem Reap, Pub Street is the capital of Siem Reap’s nightlife. The famous street offers bars, nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants catering to any budget or type of tourist.

Pub Street’s nightlife venues are open from around 5 pm to 3 am and are within walking distance of each other. Many have happy hour promos and are an excellent choice for any traveler looking forward to a night of bar hopping.


What Else Is There to Do in Siem Reap at Night?


What you may not know is the many other ways to spend your night. Below we explore some of our favorite hidden nightlife gems in Siem Reap.


Sports Bars in Siem Reap


You never have to worry about missing a sporting tournament like a football match or a MMA fight while on holiday in Siem Reap. Several sports bars dedicate their time to keeping fans up to date with their favorite games and important sporting events.

1. Sport Legends Arena


Sport Legends Arena is one of the coolest sports bars in Siem Reap. the place offers way more than live sports entertainment with an indoor and outdoor arena for viewing. They serve up delicious food satisfying your cravings and also have three Playstations and an Xbox for you to play solo, online, or with friends. The venue offers a wide gaming selection, including Fifa, UFC, NBA, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, and several board games.

This awesome sports bar is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 5 pm until late. It serves as an amazing alternative to Pub Street for not only sports lovers but also thrill-seekers. Catering to the diversity and tastes of different sports fans, the venue screens live and recorded matches for guests upon request. On any night though you will find these games on their five tvs or huge projector screen:

  • Football games
  • Rugby games
  • Basketball (NBA)
  • American Football (NFL)
  • Handball games
  • F1 and rally racing
  • Boxing and MMA matches


2. Jungle Burger Sports Bar & Bistro


Famous for their burgers and homemade pies, Jungle Burger opens every day from 11 am to 10:30 pm. The place is well known and boasts of great food. Plus, they regularly show sports games and have a chill ambiance to help you relax. For people visiting in large groups, it is advisable to book a table before visiting the venue.

Here are other sports bars worthy of visiting while in Siem Reap:

  • Score Sports Bar and Grill
  • Mad Murphy’s Irish Bar

Art Galleries in Siem Reap


Art galleries offer the perfect option to enjoy a night in Siem Reap for people looking forward to a more classy nightlife. It’s a lovely way to mingle with locals and to learn about Khmer culture. The art galleries in town serve drinks and often host events showing unique art pieces.


1. One Eleven Gallery


This art gallery prides itself as the only one in Siem Reap that showcases an international collection of artworks in addition to guest exhibitions by visiting international artists. Located by the river between Old Market and Wat Damnak, the gallery regularly organizes various events, including artist talks, live art, and music performances. The gallery also has a bar and patio area where guests can enjoy the sunset alongside the venue’s signature cocktails.




Angkor Warriors in Siem Reap


If you need a rather electrifying nightlife experience then you definitely have to visit the OWE Angkor Warriors in Siem Reap. For a mere $15 for the whole evening, you get to enjoy wrestling and mixed martial arts. You get treated to a night full of local martial arts like Kun Khmer and entertainment wrestling along with musical performances by local performers.⁣






Although Pub Street is much-publicized as the main nightlife venue in Siem Reap, other enticing places and activities suitable for any Siem Reap traveler are available. Sports bars, art galleries, and combat sports also provide great experiences during your trip in Siem Reap.

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