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Visit Angkor Wat without crowds

The less crowded temples – with Angkor Wat tips to avoid crowds.


Would you like to know how to prevent Angkor Wat crowds? Find here suggestions and the top recommendations. Considering the high price tag, find out how to avoid the crowds and get the most out of your Angkor Wat ticket! Enjoy the significant tips below, everyone! Visit Angkor Wat without the crowds!

If you intend to visit Cambodia, Angkor Wat may be the main reason for your journey. Many tourists feel annoyed with the crowded people as they wish to grab a beautiful photo without other people in the temples.

The amazing back entrance of Banteay Kdei temple

While Angkor Wat’s amazing temples are Cambodia’s greatest highlights, taking pictures can be very hard without a large group of Chinese visitors in the background in brightly colored aerobic costumes. 

It is just how it is, so we have the goal to go back home with stunning pictures. We need to have a smart plan to begin with! 

Even if! Sometimes another tourist can be in the perfect spot for a wonderful picture … LOL

Banteay Samre Temple can always be a great choice to begin with!


It is pretty easy to find yourself alone at this temple.


I’ll make it possible for you to avoid the crowds as much as possible with the help of a brilliant guide and a lot of google searching! 

The region around Angkor Wat is enormous, and you can hit hundreds of temples. Don’t rush your visit! 

You may have already read some of the articles about important tourist spots in Siem Reap within this blog. Spend more time discovering the mystery.

There are small circuits and large circuits that consist of the most significant temples to be discovered. 

It’s essential to take your time because the heat may slow down your excursion.

 I bet you will have a great experience in Angkor Wat temples without crowds if you have a backup plan as below.

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Remarkable Tips to Visit Angkor Wat


Prepare for a particular travel period with a tuk-tuk driver or rent a van and a tour guide. Believe me. A good investment is a guide! 

  • Only once do you visit this lovely historic site, and the background data brings life to Angkor Wat and the temples. 
  • You can also explore the region by bicycle, but make sure that you are fine for lengthy distances and that you are ready to ride under the heat. 
  • Bike riding would be highly recommended for those who love adventure in the Angkor jungle area.
  • In addition, wear something suitable for a sacred sight and cover your shoulders. This will safeguard you against the burning sun as well. 
  • Keep in mind that there is little shade in some of these temple sites. In the afternoon, temperatures can exceed 40 degrees, and there are many steps to climb to visit the temples. 
  • Bring a hat and wear shoes to assist you in climbing the steps of the lovely temple! These might be slippery.
  • Bring sufficient water, sunscreen, a towel, and snacks. 
  • If you are on a tuk-tuk tour, you can ask your tuk-tuk driver to store your tuk-tuk water, so you don’t have to bring it with you anywhere.
  • Reserve a cozy air-conditioned hotel and a swimming pool. It’s warm & humid in Siem Reap, and I believe you will need a cool and comfortable spot to relax after a lengthy and hot day of climbing.

Be an Early Bird for Sunrise at Angkor Wat


When you visit temples in Siem Reap, seeing the Sunrise at Angkor Wat is a definite must-do. You will have to present yourself as early as possible at the temple and grab the best spot for the photo taken.

 Walk right instead of going directly ahead at the renowned sunrise temple spot so that you can have a nice place in front of hundreds of Chinese visitors and get rid of waving iPad and selfie sticks in your background. 

It is the only way to enjoy a truly magical experience when a fresh day comes up against the temple. I didn’t say that you’re not going to be right in front of the temples alone, but with just a dozen other tourists, and you’re going to share the view. 

When the sun is up, you’ve caught enough worthy shots for marvelous photography.

There’s another lake on the right side of the large lake

Another way to prevent getting lost in all the selfie sticks do not to wander to the primary lake all the way but take a right! 

There’s another lake on the right side of the large lake, which has the same incredible perspective as the main spot, but it’s much less crowded! Anyway, keep it a secret.

NOTE: After that, go back to your vehicle before everyone else does. By doing this you will be one of the first to arrive at the other temples, taking a nice position for your next photo shoot.   

TIP: The night before, ask your hotel if they can prepare breakfast for you to take away. Bring a spray of the mosquito & a flashlight.


Don’t follow the crowds and break the rules.


Most visitors return to their hotels for breakfast after the sunrise spectacle. Not you! Not you! You will have to break the routine schedule! 

Even during these early hours of the day, this temple is always busy, but it is your best choice. 

Another advantage of this moment visiting Angkor Wat is that it’s not that hot yet, and you’re still feeling concentrated and fresh. It is a great plus for photographing. 

Enquire your driver to take you first to the renowned temples that are located on the other sites. Many Tour groups and Tuk Tuk follow a certain path, creating the ideal chance for you to do exactly the contrary. 

Once more, if you see loads of large tour buses standing outside a temple, ask your driver to bring you to another temple that seems to be less crowded first.

Start exploring the big circuit at Ta Prohm temple in the early morning. This temple is very famous for its Tomb Raider Scene. Hence it is always busy at the site. 

Most visitors follow their schedule to this temple right after visiting Angkor Thom the day before. So starting the day here is much smarter! 

Then you can still stream your internal Lara Croft without interrupting your daydream by hawking visitors.

Return back to the temple sites after relaxation


Walking around Angkor’s temples is incredibly lovely but also highly fatiguing and HOT!

 If you’ve decided to watch the Sunrise, then at around 12 pm, you’ll likely feel very tired, attempting to make you want to go home and take a nap during the hottest hours of the day. 

If you purchase a one-day pass, your ticket will be valid for a whole day so that you can get back from your hotel to the temples in late afternoons, when most crowds have already left the site. 

Nevertheless, don’t go back too late because the temple will be closed at 6 o’clock in the evening.

Two o’clock of the day is a good time to move back to Angkor temples. Most visitors visit Angkor Wat in the morning. Instantly after their breakfast, they usually head for Angkor Thom.

The early birds are therefore tired around this moment and will return to their hotels. Striking time!


Too crowded for Sunrise, then why not Sunset?


Purchase your admission ticket, so you don’t have to do that the next morning, BEFORE the Sunrise. Trust me. You don’t need to be in that rush.

Find a pleasant sunset place. Most of the visitors enjoyed Angkor Thom’s South Gate and Prasat Cheung. Explore the region a bit by tuk-tuk and have a first look at the temples with fewer crowds.

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