Tour Review from Guests: Angkor Sunrise

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Review of Half Day Join-In Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour by Luxury Minivan
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Tour Review from Guests: Angkor Sunrise

Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour with Cambodia’s #1 BEST Group Tour Photographer and Walking Cambodia History Book – FUN & KIND!

We recently received an amazing review written by our lovely guest angelaaanj (TripAdvisor) from the Philippines. She joined us in early October 2019 for the Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour.

Review of Half Day Join-In Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour by Luxury Minivan


The Experience


If you are not a morning person, be prepared to wake up at 3 am. We were picked up at our hotel at 4:20 am but we were already at the lobby at exactly 4 am.

Since this was our very first tour in Cambodia, we were not sure how smooth it will go. We were skeptical because most of the reviews said they were picked up at exactly 4:15 or 4 am so we were kind of prepared to have missed it and probably just get a refund but we were picked up by our tour guide by a car then dropped off at the tour center to meet the rest of the group to ride a VAN.

It was funny because we were riding in a car and just trusting our lives on a mini paper showing our name on it to ride the car, which shows we are part of a bigger group. We were driven from a sedan to the tour center where we have to ride the van that actually goes around for the tour.

Around 4:45 am we left the tour center and off to the ticketing center to get our temple pass. If you’ll be joining tours, best to get a 3-day pass even if you’re just touring for 2 days as it’s a lot cheaper. I hope somebody told us about this earlier because we thought the temple pass is only for the Angkor Wat temple and we wouldn’t be required to purchase another day pass for other temples outside Angkor Wat. So when in doubt buy the 3-day pass or 7-day pass which is a better deal.

Purchasing the temple pass at 4:45 am was really fast, you don’t have to show your passport as they just need a picture of your face and you pay either in USD, Riel or by Credit Card. Afterward, you have to get back to the van asap so that you can arrive at at exactly around 5:15 am at Angkor Wat.

Even if you go early, you won’t be able to go in because the whole area surrounded by Angkor Wat opens at 5 am. We thought we were going to miss the sunrise but looks like all of us were just on time.

Basically the schedule goes:

Review of Half Day Join-In Angkor Wat Sunrise Tour by Luxury Minivan - Schedule


For breakfast, they bring you to a partner restaurant by the local tour company. If you’re on a budget prepare to spend $6-8 for breakfast with fruit juices. Serving is big but I don’t recommend ordering two meals if you’re a couple, best to order just one meal then share as one me already offers a bag of toast (3 pieces) which allows for sharing and the actual breakfast you chose.

Seeing Angkor Wat for the first time is a shocker really because it is amazingly a GORGEOUS SIGHT and if you’re a photographer – you will not get tired of getting those perfect sunrise shots as there are a lot of angles where you can take them from but one thing you should be wary about is you are joining a group tour – so a bit time constrained for pictures for the sunrise shots.

ALL IN ALL this tour is the best value for money because not only do you get to see wonderful sights in just 7 hours but you also learn a lot of history in each part of the temple. This is definitely a memorable experience compared to just going to the site and not knowing what it really was before and just taking pictures.

No matter how big the temples run for our guide, Mr. Youk made sure we all catch up and we are equipped with the history before we move to the next place because it lets you appreciate the rich background the temple has to offer.

It’s one heck of a walk so be prepared to wear the most comfortable shoes as there will be lots of climbing stacks of stairs and walking.

Our Tour Guide: MR. SEREY YOUK KIM


We have been BLESSED and LUCKY enough to have the most learned and most competent tour guide for Angkor Wat. Not only does he know about the history and culture about Cambodia but he knows the perfect timing when our group should go to the next place to avoid crowded areas so that it’s not tiring having to wait for taking pictures or the hassle of getting passed by lots of people.

He would sit us first by a tree or group us in place where it’s most convenient without missing the best parts of the temple. He is not only a good story teller but he puts in a lot of humor in his stories that way it’s not that boring and too FORMAL. Who would want that?!

He also put in time for us to get to know each other in the tour coming from different countries (Philippines, Germany, England, Armenia, Korea, Hong Kong). He would teach us from the basics to knowing how to do the Cambodian temple dance LOL!

The best part?

He takes DAMN GOOD GROUP OR SOLO PICTURES and he is an expert to know where the best spot you should take it from. I suggest you go with him as your tour guide if given the chance to choose!!!

I would definitely choose him as our tour guide again because he makes everything so FUN and he also gives you ample time to explore the places all on your own. He makes sure everyone in the group is complete before going too far from the place and he gives us a time check where and when we should all meet so that we don’t waste time.

He also makes everyone INVOLVED AND ENGAGED so no one is left behind so if you are alone in the group tour you won’t feel that because he included everyone in the photos and instructs everyone what our group pose will be.

HE’s like your PERSONAL WALKING PHOTOGRAPHER!!! (See our pictures and if your tour guide can’t beat that I don’t know who else can!)

I vote for MR. YOUK as the #1 BEST TOUR GUIDE OF ALL ANGKOR WAT TOURS. Personally, I don’t think anyone can beat this TOP NOTCH standard of managing groups while enjoying every minute with rich stories and good humor – not the corny one!

THANK YOU MR. YOUK! Hands down best tour I’ve been in! We’re LUCKY WE GOT YOU as our tour guide. We have been blessed by the temple gods!!!

Thank you so much for joining our tour! We’re all extremely pleased that you had an amazing experience discovering Angkor with us and we can’t wait to see you again.

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