Kulen Waterfall & 1000 Lingas Tour

Kulen Waterfall Tour
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Kulen Waterfall & 1000 Lingas Tour


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The tour experience

Unearth the charm of Cambodia on our tour, uncovering hidden gems like the mystical River of a Thousand Lingas, breath-taking view, reclining buddha and fauna and flora. Join us for an adventure like no other!

Followed by the breathtaking drive up the mountain, explore the abundant greenery and Kulen Waterfall. Take a dip if you wish, or sit back and watch the local families relish in their sacred homeland. Make your way up a bit further to the River of a Thousand Lingas, a gorgeous river with sophisticated carvings covering its floor. Get a blessing the Cambodian way with the Holy Water from this sacred river.

Move up to the tip of the mountain to discover the beautiful Pagoda and its world-famous Reclining Buddha at rest.


9 hours

Max People

10 People

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From Hotel

Min Age

12+ Years

Tour Type

Temples and Waterfalls discovery

Temples Visited

Kulen Waterfall - River of a Thousand Lingas - Reclining Buddha - Mountain peak view point

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Don’t Forget:

Dress Appropriately!

Respect the ancient religious grounds when you visit them. Wear a shirt that can cover your shoulders, and trousers or knee-length pants or skirts are permitted.

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How do we roll?

Please note that if you wish to book a tour for the same day or the next day, please call us directly at +855 (0)98 55 55 18 to be sure we have available seats for you. Our contact forms are only intended for bookings made at least 24 hours before the start of the tour.

  1. First, select either a shared tour with a guide or a private tour with or without an optional tour guide.
  2. Fill in the contact form fields as detailed as possible (if you have missing information such as the hotel/room details, don’t worry, you can email us later at booking@siemreapshuttle.com).
  3. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. If not, please contact us directly at booking@siemreapshuttle.com.

See our How We Roll page to learn about the general rules of thumb for visiting the temples. We encourage all our guests to follow these rules, as the authorities enforce them, and we cannot make exceptions.

A Full-Day Excursion to Reveal the Mysterious

A hidden treasure lies beyond the commotion of Siem Reap. There are more than 50 temples and stupas perched on the edge of a cliff in the ancient city of Kulen, many of which have not yet been discovered by mainstream travelers.

Explore a historically significant region by straying far from the beaten path. This day trip takes you to the “Age of Angkor” and Buddha’s preferred location on Earth.

A hike to Kulen Waterfall and National Park will reward you with breathtaking views of the surrounding forested mountains and a refreshing dip in one of Cambodia’s tallest cascading waterfalls. We will traverse kilometers of intricate back trails, deep jungle tracks, and hidden temples, including the beautiful and highly sought-after stone elephant and lion statues.

Small group tours!

Small enough to explore each location separately, yet large enough to foster a pleasant social atmosphere! Our group size is never more than ten people.

We maintain this as our typical maximum small group size as it has always been a crucial strong point in all our guests’ reviews. Our guests have consistently praised our ability to accommodate small groups, and we’ve decided this to be our standard maximum group size.

Kulen Waterfall Tour Requirements

This amazing temple tour requires a valid Angkor Pass and Kulen Mountain entrance fee. You can purchase tickets online before the tour begins. However, your tour guide will assist you in purchasing one before the tour.

Local guides!

Follow in the footsteps of our tour guide. These are the local experts who call your spectacular tour site “home.” Be ready to get insides on local treasures, local legends, personalities, and historical details! Be ready to get and learn what every other traveler is missing when they are just trying to search and scroll the web.

Kulen Waterfall Tour – When is the best time to visit?

The dry season, which lasts from November to March, is the most popular time to visit Kulen Mountain. These days are cooler and dryer, but they are also the busiest, so expect crowds. Despite the fact that these are technical “winter” months, weather conditions are still quite warm.

Unique Private Luxury Van!

A private driver at your tour disposal, air conditioned luxury vans with leather seats, you won’t be losing any moment waiting for your driver!

Siem Reap Shuttle Luxury Transportation & Private daily rental
Siem Reap Shuttle Luxury Transportation & Private daily rental
Siem Reap Shuttle Luxury Transportation & Private daily rental

Kulen Mountain and Waterfall

It is recommended that you bring strong footwear, swimwear, a hat, sun cream, sunglasses, and extra water to avoid dehydration due to the humidity on this tour.

Perfect for Solo explorers!

Because of our extensive expertise and the feedback we receive from our clients, we always organize trips in the form of small groups to facilitate interactions between people who share similar travel interests and individuals who are venturing out on their own.

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