Koh Ker and Beng Mealea Tour

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Koh Ker and Beng Mealea Tour


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The tour experience

Be the explorer of the 2 most secluded temples in the plains of the ancient Khmer Empire!

Start off your day off by a 60km comfortable ride in one of our A/C cars up to the the wild and overgrown Beng Mealea temple. Next up, Koh Ker Temple is abandoned to the forests of the north of Siem Reap, ancient capital of the Angkorian empire (from AD 928 to AD 944).

You’ll be hungry after that long drive, so settle into one of the restaurants nearby, and dig into some traditional Cambodian curries, soups and stir-fries.


10 hours

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10 People

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12+ Years

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Temples discovery

Temples Visited

Beng Mealea - Koh Ker - Prasat Thom - Prasat Neag Kmao - Prasat Pram

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Dress Appropriately!

Respect the ancient religious grounds when you visit them. Wear a shirt that can cover your shoulders, and trousers or knee-length pants or skirts are permitted.

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See our How We Roll page to learn about the general rules of thumb for visiting the temples. We encourage all our guests to follow these rules, as the authorities enforce them, and we cannot make exceptions.

Small group tours!

Small enough to explore each location separately, yet large enough to foster a pleasant social atmosphere! Our group size is never more than ten people.

We maintain this as our typical maximum small group size as it has always been a crucial strong point in all our guests’ reviews. Our guests have consistently praised our ability to accommodate small groups, and we’ve decided this to be our standard maximum group size.

Koh Ker and Beng Mealea Tour

How do I get from Siem Reap to Koh Ker?

Koh Ker Lost Archeological Site can be found 120 kilometers northeast of Siem Reap.

The pleasant trip from Siem Reap to Koh Ker takes around two hours and passes through good roads. Along the route, you will see glimpses of cashew and banana plantations, as well as impressive rice fields and local villages.

At this location, overgrown trees tangle untrampled across thousand-year-old structures.

When you reach the top of a pyramid built in the Mayan style with seven levels, you will see a green and vivid landscape stretching out in front of you.

Why travel so far to see Koh Ker?

The mountains of Dangrek, Kulen, and Tbeng may be seen in the background of the jungle setting of Koh Ker.

Koh Ker is nearly as huge as the Angkor complex, spanning 81 square kilometers over its entirety; yet, due to its more distant location, it has suffered greater damage and pillage over the course of its history.

If you go at the right time of year, you might find the ruins hidden in the foliage and thick vegetation, but at other times of the year they might be completely visible amongst the bare trees.

  • Koh Ker is one of the temple locations from the Angkor period that has received the least amount of research.
  • Since Koh Ker has just been half excavated, there is a good chance that you will discover something that has been hidden.
  • Since much of the information researchers had gathered about the place during the Khmer Rouge was destroyed, the location is essentially indecipherable.

Local guides!

Follow in the footsteps of our tour guide. These are the local experts who call your spectacular tour site “home.” Be ready to get insides on local treasures, local legends, personalities, and historical details! Be ready to get and learn what every other traveler is missing when they are just trying to search and scroll the web.

Koh Ker incredible facts – 4 reasons to go now!

When was the Koh Ker temple built?

Koh Ker most likely served as Jayavarman IV’s state temple when it was the capital of the whole empire (928–944 AD). 

The Khmer monarch, Jayavarman IV, moved the capital to ChokGargyar, which has since become Koh Ker.

Jayavarman IV established his new capital and resided there for twenty years. Even though he was responsible for constructing numerous religious monuments devoted to Hinduism, this city only existed for a total of 20 years. After his passing, there was an instantaneous decision to give up on it. It is unclear why his successor, King Rajendravarman II, decided to relocate the capital back to Angkor, but he did so.

Unique Private Luxury Van!

A private driver at your tour disposal, air conditioned luxury vans with leather seats, you won’t be losing any moment waiting for your driver!

Siem Reap Shuttle Luxury Transportation & Private daily rental
Siem Reap Shuttle Luxury Transportation & Private daily rental
Siem Reap Shuttle Luxury Transportation & Private daily rental

Visiting Beng Mealea: What’s the Point?

This location is simply SPECTACULAR!


Beng Mealea is around 66 kilometers away from Siem Reap town. The distance to the temple from the town of Svay Leu is around 10 kilometers. This temple complex has never been restored, and it’s a fraction of the size of Angkor Wat’s visitor population.

The distance from town to the Beng Mealea temple is sufficient to prevent the majority of potential visitors, yet the location is still convenient enough to get to.

Even during the hottest part of the year, the dense vegetation serves to keep the temple lovely and cool.

Due to the low number of visitors, one can have a pleasant morning spent wandering around the temple in relative peace and quiet. If you’re into photography, this also implies that you can capture some amazing shots if you go.

You can take some time to unwind and rest in the broad, open grounds surrounding the temple. This is especially convenient if you are traveling with young children because they are free to roam around while you are still able to simply keep an eye on them from a distance.

Beng Mealea incredible facts – 8 reasons to go now!

1.  Beng Mealea was a central site on a crossroads between east-west and north-south routes, where people exchanged products from the Kulen highlands and neighborhoods and Tonle Sap along the Royal Road.

2. Beng Mealea was a staging ground for martial and religious parades and many other governmental operations to the east.

3. Beng Mealea is an Angkorian temple with a flat plan commonly referred to as a two-dimensional counterpart of Angkor Wat.

4. The architecture and decoration combine three styles: Baphoun, Angkor Wat, and early Bayon.

5. Beng Mealea is a stunning example and a perfect demonstration of temple-town architecture.

6. If it’s been a while since you’ve immersed yourself in the tranquility of a woodland setting, this tour presents an excellent chance to reconnect with the natural world. You’ll spend quality hours enveloped by the lush greenery of Angkor National Park, allowing you to experience the soothing balm of nature up close and personal. It’s a truly rewarding way to rekindle your relationship with the environment.

7. On this historic site, no serious conservation or restoration work has been done. Despite the fact that several of its parts have collapsed, the majority of its components are still intact.

8. The Beng Mealea temple is one of the most remarkable structures in design among the many temples built during the reigns of the Great Kings of Angkor.

9. Each component of the temple had a useful purpose by the requirements of the religion, symbolizing the universe or the cosmos with remarkable artwork that established a link between humanity and the gods and illustrated the existence and expansion of the empire.

Perfect for Solo explorers!

Because of our extensive expertise and the feedback we receive from our clients, we always organize trips in the form of small groups to facilitate interactions between people who share similar travel interests and individuals who are venturing out on their own.

Sources: whc.unesco.org

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