What is International New Year’s Day?

International New Year’s Day was originally observed on 15 March in the Roman Calendar and is the celebration of entering the new year. The date was later moved to the 1st January.

Most countries around the world celebrate International New Years Day, even those not following the Gregorian calendar.

New Year’s Day is a public holiday in Cambodia and all countries that follow the Gregorian calendar making it the most-widely observed public holiday in the year.

It is traditionally celebrated with firework displays across the globe at 00:00 in each countries local time zones.

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When is International New Year’s?

International New Year’s Day is 1 January. This is the first day of the year, in the Gregorian calendar, and is exactly one week after Christmas Day. However, you won’t find large Christmas celebrations in Cambodia.

What can you do during International New Year’s in Siem Reap?

The Khmer people love to celebrate and it shows by the three different New Year’s holidays that take place in the country:

  • International New Year’s
  • Chinese New Year
  • Khmer New Year

So, if you find yourself in Siem Reap during International New Year’s, you’re in for a great time! You can check out the local Facebook pages to find fun events to partake in with expats, locals, and other travelers.

You can head straight to Pub Street during New Year’s and bar hop, drink, and dance from night until morning.

Another option is to choose a rooftop bar to sit back and relax, sip on wine or champagne, have great discussions, and wait for the countdown. If you choose well, you’ll have a great view of the fireworks over the city.

Have you celebrated International New Year’s in Siem Reap? Or are you planning to? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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